Walzer is a virtual reality experience with several stories circling women's rights and the first wave of feminism during the late 19th and early 20th century. 
As you travel through a virtual photographic landscape, a waltz is your guide. When you move around, the waltz morphs into a variety of moods in eight different languages accompanied by songs and poems.
This vr was built with thousands of unknown personal photographs found on flea markets, online marketplaces and private collections. During the process of collecting and digital restoration, intriguing stories emerged. Narratives developed when we connected pictures with other pictures and combined them with music, words, sounds and 3D technology. Inside this virtual world the user's knowledge, background and behaviour determines the experience.


HAN shows a development that the choir goes through as a group; a unity with surface tension moves, but always returns to its centre. The group branches out, born from the same seed. Finally, the separated pieces embrace and remember their common source, without being able to become one again.
for SATB choir
premiere: july 2018, USC & NSK conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis, during the Europa Cantat Festival 2021

Small Steps is an opera-walk. It leads the visitor along the water that connected Amsterdam to the rest of the world for centuries. Over the headphone they hear a girl. She shows us how she sees the world and she wonders where it is heading. "What is your wish for the world?"
The opera strives to bring people together, without them having to physically meet, and to inspire them to see the world and its people with fresh and curious eyes. To explore the world anew, step by step.

© Kim Krijnen

Spiegelgasse is an electronic ballet that bows before the Dadaists of Zürich. It was commissioned by visual artist Jorinde Gustavs. She uses everyday objects in her installations. The music contains the sounds of these objects, in compelling rhythm, and the duet of an old and a young voice.
premiere: april 2019, during vernissage "GROSZE GESCHWISTER", Orangerie Putbus Rügen

Dance: Alexander Blum Bertelsen & Frieda Gustavs

Voices: Jorinde Gustavs, Frieda Gustavs & others

Camera: Leo Erken

Music, direction & edit: Frieda Gustavs


Filmed and edited at NL12 studio Amsterdam 2020

Spiegelgasse - Frieda Gusavs
Spiegelgasse - Frieda Gustavs
Spiegelgasse - Frieda Gustavs

United is a song for mezzo soprano and acoustic guitar, based on "Unity" by Pablo Neruda 


Jenseits des Horizontes is a 1-minute canon with text by Svea Gustavs, based on Dshan by Andrej Platonov


Dornbusch is a “Briefmarkenoper” for singer/performer and moving light

premiere: november 2018, during "Mehr Licht Festival", Universität der Künste, Berlin


DUN IJS is a madrigal for SSATB-ensemble 

text by Mischa Andriessen

premiere: june 2018, durung the Holland Festival, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam


we’ve got a body is inspired by my search for music and sounds that ring all over the world when a community bids farewell to a departed person.

for SATB-choir and organ

premiere: may 2018, Orgelpark (Amsterdam) NEON conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis



electronic soundscape to accompany Artfully Dressed: Women in the Art World, Carla van de Puttelaar 

vernissage: may 2018, The Weiss Gallery, London

voice: Ana Balestra and Frieda Gustavs



Opera Forward Festival, may 2018, Nationale Opera Amsterdam
conductor: Marijke Beute, directing: Christina Pfrötschner, scenography: Katharina Wegmann, libretto: Teun Grondman, dramaturgy: Jasmijn van Wijnen, solo: Merel Wentink & Sabine van Kuipers, Domukoor Groningen 

© Kim Krijnen
© Leo Erken

Frieda en het ongedierte

360 ̊-storytelling-film by Leo Erken

music: Frieda Gustavs
during (Re)inventing Nature, Fotodok Utrecht & Zilveren Camera, Museum Hilversum 

won 2nd prize Zilveren Camera


Seicht Sein

for mezzo-sopraan

text: Elfriede Jelinek

premiere: march 2017, Sweelinckzaal Conservatorium van Amsterdam, voice: Ana Balestra



for SA-koor

premiere: december 2016, Sweelinckzaal Conservatorium van Amsterdam, conductor: Eduardo Benigno López Cabello, solo: Alba Roorda Martinez, Frieda Gustavs


Voices & Noises

tape, februari 2016

Tanz der Nacht

for SA-koor

premiere: april 2015, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, choir: NAJ & NAK, conductor: by Sofia Gioldasi